Sicilian Food Festival in Opera Hotel, Kyiv

Sicilian Food

Until March 10, 2019 you have the opportunity to try Sicilian cuisine and artichoke dishes in Kyiv in Teatro restaurant in the Opera Hotel. The Sicilian Food Festival is being held here. Meals are prepared by two eminent chefs Gaetano Varco and Gaetano Sgroi.

Cerda is a small town in the south of Italy, where about 5,500 people live. It is located 50 km from Palermo, on a hill, in 10 km to the sea and 25 km to the mountains of the Madonia range. This is a perfect place for holidays between the sea and the mountains.

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The town is famous for the Targa Florio, the world's oldest car race, which was held here in 1906 for the first time and was organized by Mr. Vincenzo Florio. One more interesting thing about the town is connected with artichoke.
In 1987 the “Artichoke Monument” (9.90 meters high) was installed in the central square of the town in order to honor the main local agricultural product. Statistics show that around 50,000,000 artichokes are grown per year in Cerda. The Artichoke Folk Festival is celebrated here every year, for 40 years, on April 25.
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Artichoke is one of the local specialties that make the cuisine of this region so special. In addition to this vegetable, local cuisine is rich in a variety of tastes, and it is based on natural ingredients of excellent quality. You can enjoy local gastronomy in one of the best restaurants in the city - "Il Marchese Restaurant".
The restaurant, owned by Chef Gaetano Varco, is located in the historic building, built in 1626, on the main street of Cerda. This is a well-known venue in the town. Exclusively local products (including artichokes) are the base of delicious dishes which are prepared according to old Sicilian recipes in the kitchen of the restaurant.
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Until March 10, 2019 you have the opportunity to try Sicilian cuisine and artichoke dishes in Kyiv in the Teatro restaurant of Opera Hotel. Food is prepared by two eminent chefs Gaetano Varco - the chef of "Il Marchese Restaurant" from Cerda and Gaetano Sgroi - the chef of “Teatro” restaurant in Opera hotel in Kyiv. Take the chance to make a gastronomic journey to Sicily without leaving Kyiv.
Photos: provided by Opera Hotel,, Phillip Colantonio Facebook, google.

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