Where to Rent an Apartment for Long Term in Lviv?

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Lviv is a vibrant European city with busy cultural and business life. The city grows fast as many people move to Lviv from all over Ukraine as well as from abroad. And when it comes to renting an apartment for a long term in Lviv, prices are second only to Kyiv.

Developers are building in Lviv like never before. However, despite the great variety of newly built condominiums and houses the demand is comparably high and real estate prices are not cheap. Finding a good apartment to rent for a long term in Lviv might be quite challenging and would probably take a lot of time.

Lviv is relatively small and compact city, comparing to Kyiv or most of the Eastern Ukrainian cities. The central part of Lviv reminds a typical mid-size European city. There are many offers for the long term apartment rental in Lviv city center. This will be one of the most expensive options to rent, however despite the central location think well about some cons of renting in the downtown. Most apartments are located in the very old buildings. That might mean problems with pipes, hot water supply, heating in winter (old buildings in Lviv have very thick walls so it’s hard to heat them to the comfortable temperatures during cold winter periods) and other issues old building have. In case you own a car, think ahead about parking options as this is a big problem for the central part of the city. Areas where you can park legally are very modest and full to the brinks almost all the time. The central part of Lviv is also a pedestrian only area, so you might need to park you vehicle somewhere outside this area and walk home. Lviv central part gets very crowded and noisy on weekends with many tourists and regular party crowd roaming around, so in case you are looking for a quiet area to live, Lviv city center is definitely not the best option.
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There are many nice and comfortable residential areas around the city center. Check out Frankivskyy area for instance. This is considered to be rather prestigious city district with good public transport infrastructure, many parks and nice dining and wining spots. This area stretches from the Lviv Polytechnic University and further to the south up to Kulparkivska street. This is very green and lovely area.

If you want to live next to the park (more of a forest, actually, with many hiking and biking routes) and have an easy access to the city center in the same time, have a look at Pogulyanka area. This district is developing fast with many new housing complexes popping up almost every half a year and has many nice and modern apartments for rent for long term periods.

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In case you drive a car and don’t rely on public transport that much, check out some of the more distant areas such as Sukhiv district or 700-richya Street Area. These are relatively new city areas established during Soviet era, however there are many newly built modern residential complexes over there. Price (much lower comparing to city center and some upscale city areas), many parking options including underground garages and outdoor specially equipped and guarded parking lots are among serious pros of renting an apartment in these districts.

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Lviv’s real estate boom is attracting many players to the market. These days Lviv has what seems like an endless list of offers when it comes to real estate. Answering a question Where to Rent an Apartment for Long Term in Lviv is not that easy. The only sure thing is that looking for it might take some time and effort, however after finding a perfect place to live in Lviv, you’ll have a chance to experience the ultimate charm of this Western Ukrainian city.
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