Ukrainian Health InnoTech startup presents methodology for restoring individual's internal resources in the Swiss Market

Olga Kozik

Poor sleep, uncontrolled sleep and activity patterns, difficulty managing burnout, lack of proper nutrition, regular exercise, and recovery - these are problems that have become increasingly common in modern society. The coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine have only served to exacerbate the already disharmonious psycho-emotional state of thousands of people.

To combat these challenges and improve our overall health and well-being, it is crucial to prioritize healthy sleep habits. Dr. Olha Kozik, a Ukrainian physician and co-founder of Health InnoTech (Switzerland), as well as the vice president of the All-Ukrainian Association of Myofunctional Therapy, emphasizes the importance of quality sleep. With her expertise in treating sleep disorders and her background as a winner of the World Scientific Papers Competition in 2018, Dr. Kozik is a trusted authority in the field of medical innovation.

Holistic Innovation from Ukraine

Health InnoTech, a Ukrainian-Swiss startup, has developed a unique sleep improvement technology that has received high praise from scientists and can be applied anywhere in the world using a mobile laboratory. Olha Kozik, who worked tirelessly on the project for many years, presented the innovation at DUBAI EXPO 2020.

This innovation is particularly relevant for corporate consumers, as corporate health management is becoming increasingly popular among socially responsible businesses that prioritize their employees' well-being. Health InnoTech's technology is truly innovative in the Swiss market. While Olha is currently based in Zurich, she frequently travels to Ukraine with her team to provide expert assistance to her fellow citizens.

Her project won the first prize in the World Scientific Papers Competition in 2018, making Olha Kozik the first and only participant from Ukraine in the history of the competition

Olha, a dentist by profession, chose to specialize in holistic medicine, which takes a comprehensive approach to human health and can prevent or treat diseases at an earlier stage. Rather than simply alleviating symptoms, the approach is to address the underlying cause of the illness.

"I've been fascinated by medicine since I was a child and always knew that I wanted to become a doctor," said Olha Kozik. "I was particularly interested in studying the physicians of the Golden Age, such as Hippocrates and Avicenna, when philosophy, stoicism, and worldview were thriving. During that time, physical health was not separated from psychological development as a holistic structure, and the physicians of the Golden Age treated the individual rather than just the disease. My dream has always been to work in a field of medicine where the true physician seeks to find health in the body, rather than simply treating the disease."

Olga Kozik identifies sleep disorders as one of the significant problems facing humanity. This issue has been extensively researched in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and other developed countries, and institutes of sleep have been established to study and address this critical problem. Despite millions of sleep studies, no one has yet succeeded in solving this problem comprehensively.

To address this gap, Olha Kozik drew upon her experience working with clients and postgraduate training in various methods in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy to develop a universal methodology that was presented at DUBAI EXPO 2020. Her project won the first prize in the World Scientific Papers Competition in 2018, making Olha Kozik the first and only participant from Ukraine in the history of the competition.

"I was proud to represent our country at a high level and show that we not only specialize in aesthetic dentistry but also have a deep understanding of the human body's functioning. This victory was particularly significant to me because it demonstrated that Ukraine conducts research and implements innovations at a very advanced scientific level. At that time, we realized the relevance of a holistic approach (biohacking) to improve sleep quality," the doctor emphasized.

Healthy Sleep as a solution for restoring the well-being of Ukrainians

The problem of poor sleep is well known worldwide due to post-traumatic stress disorder and burnout syndrome. However, the ongoing conflict has exacerbated this issue for Ukrainians. They have suffered greatly and experienced sleep disturbances due to the trauma they have endured. Therefore, one of Olha Kozik's missions is to raise awareness about the issue of poor sleep among Ukrainians. She believes that help is needed not only for those who remain at home but also for refugees from Ukraine.

The uniqueness of Olha Kozik's laboratory lies in its mobility. Her team of experts can provide assistance to Ukrainians in different parts of the world. She has experience working on a voluntary basis with residents of orphanages in the Vinnytsia region, and she envisions scaling up her work to reach all age groups of Ukrainians to improve their sleep.

"Sleep directly affects a person's psycho-emotional state. First of all, depression, when a person becomes absolutely ineffective, destructive for themselves and for society. Unfortunately, about 30% of depressive states are not amenable to drug correction," noted the doctor. "On the other hand, healthy sleep can not only prevent depression but also help to overcome it, as the deep phase of sleep is responsible for regenerating the brain's functioning."

According to Olha Kozik, the most important thing is to bring awareness of this problem among the international community, as solving it should become a priority for Europe. This is because people will become more productive, proactive, and will rebuild their country.

"Biohacking" retreat - holistic knowledge and practices

The base service provided by Olha Kozik's team is a sleep improvement program. However, the doctor is convinced that people need "magic pills" that in a very short time will allow them to recover and get a wow effect: a flow of energy, resources, etc. Short-term events - Biohacking retreats - have been created specifically to restore people who are depleted and lacking resources.

"Our Biohacking retreat aims to improve a person's sleep as much as possible in three days, this is a great opportunity for Ukrainians from all over the world to experience the effect of a "magic pill" that will improve their psycho-emotional and physical health and quickly make them feel alive once again," said Olha Kozik.

The retreat will take place on April 24-26 on the European part of Cyprus. Ten Ukrainian experts in holistic health restoration, who have experience working with burnout and refugees, will work with retreat participants.

The retreat program is composed in the most effective way to mobilize a person's full potential, to help them change the dark side of their medal to a bright one. It includes physical, psychological, and spiritual practices, as well as lectures on lifestyle changes that incorporate the latest developments in evidence-based medicine. This is a very modern way to quickly improve one's health. The program runs from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and offers a diverse range of activities that allow each participant to choose the components that are most suitable for them. It is worth noting that there is a promotional price for participation in the Healthy Sleep Retreat program in Cyprus until April 4th.

The experience from the retreat practice will help free the mind from ingrained patterns, cope with burnout, and improve mental and physical health, finding a holistic 360-degree restoration of the balance between body, mind, and spirit. The effect is achieved through a unique combination of medical and psychological assistance, incorporating proven practices from centuries of scientific effectiveness.

In recent times, retreats have become popular among active individuals who have experienced emotional burnout, as well as those who have undergone significant life changes and are now searching for new meanings.

Biohacking Retreat program includes:

  • work and consultations with 10 experts;
  • 33 practices;
  • Tibetan singing bowl practice;
  • Hatha, Ashtanga, and Kundalini yoga;
  • Transcendental meditations;
  • Healthy sleep practices;
  • Mastering the system of active longevity;
  • Anti-aging techniques;
  • Polystar-pilates therapy;
  • Dance movement therapy;
  • Art therapy (neurographics, sand therapy, fairy tale therapy);
  • Body-oriented psychotherapy;
  • Yoga therapy;
  • Australian anti-stress kinesiological relaxation technique RESET;
  • Crystal healing therapy (activation of energy centers), lithotherapy;
  • Tea ceremonies;
  • Neuroplasticity practices.



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